We're two local Squamish moms, who love where we live, and want to help Squamish thrive as a community. As we tried to start our own small businesses we realized it was not that easy to market ourselves to our own local market, and it was definitely not reliable. So we started theLocalsBoard.com, in an effort to deliver affordable and effective advertising options for local businesses to connect with potential local clients. We like to practice what we preach, so we have made every effort to employ local resources in developing theLocalsBoard.com. One of our most important partnerships so far has been with the local Kirsten Andrews, who has helped develop our lovely brand and poster. 

Klara Langeloo



Klara moved to Squamish early 2015 with her two small boys and her husband Scott. She always wanted to live in a small community and loves the Squamish lifestyle and the tight knit community. Klara is on a constant journey of learning about healthy living for herself and her family. 

With a background in childcare and banking, Klara most recently opened her own business bringing Facial Workout to Squamish and Greater Vancouver. 

Klara is especially excited to have a leading role in the bigger mission of theLocalsBoard.com to help Squamish thrive from within. You'll be able to see Klara managing the sales side of the business, although she certainly wears many hats!

Stephanie Clark

Founder, Operations


Stephanie and her family came to Squamish from Vancouver in February 2014. Looking to be closer to the outdoors and away from the hubbub of the big city, Squamish was an easy decision. Stephanie, her husband Chuck, and their young daughter just welcomed the arrival of a little boy into the household.

Stephanie's corporate background is in Marketing, and as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, her passions lie in healthy living. She loves to spend her time in the kitchen preparing healthy food for her family and friends. 

Stephanie is also passionate about influencing the success of the community of Squamish with theLocalsBoard.com. You'll see Stephanie behind the marketing and operations side of the business mostly.