Ad - Size D

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dropin-deal-localboard copy.jpg

Ad - Size D

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Product Details:

*Tthe ads on this poster are larger in perspective on this image than on the actual poster.

Ad space starting at $15/day!

  • ad size: 6.85"w x 6.3"h (see image)
  • ad space for one month on theLocalsBoard poster at over 50 locations across Squamish, BC
  • ensure everyone sees your ad!
  • great for promoting new product or service offerings, or a special event
  • online ad available on our website for the duration of the month (coming soon)
  • subscription plans available with reduced monthly rates. $447/month for a 6 month subscription billed monthly, $597/month for a 3 month subscription billed monthly. Months do not have to be used up concurrently, but are paid over 3 or 6 months. 

Make your ad really pop out!

At 6.8" wide x 6.3" high, size D is our largest standard ad size. With a size D ad, you are ensuring that no one will miss seeing your ad! It is a simple fact. Everyone will check out the biggest ad. It will allow you to really showcase your brand, product or service and ensure your ad pops out when one is looking at the entire poster.

Design tip! Remember to keep it simple! Do not overcrowd your design, and use your space wisely making sure your logo pops out! Use a nice image in your ad design, preferably something which ignites an emotion in the viewer. Use easy to read fonts, and remember not to cram in too much information, although it may be tempting! People are more drawn to less cluttered designs!

Stuck for a design or designer? For help in making the best use of the space, we offer design services starting at $30. Email us at design(at) for more information.

Acceptable file formats include High-Res PDF (preferred), JPEG (300 DPI), .EPS or .AI. All files should be CMYK to ensure colour palette matches once poster is printed. Please email your files to design(at)

Ads and Events are due the 15th of the month before they will be posted. The poster will be changed at the beginning of every month and will remain up for the duration of the month.


Ads cancelled after the deadline (15th of the month prior to printing) will be invoiced at 50% of the invoiced rate.